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SagresPretaChocolate – A Delicious Website Made Of Chocolate!

This week’s Design of the Week is a site for a chocolate drink that is literally made from chocolate. In case you’re wondering what that means, the site design is a picture of a chocolate block that was made purposely to look like a website.

The Infinite Oz – An Amazing Use of Flash & Sci-Fi Imagery

This week’s selected Design of the Week was a collaboration between nine acclaimed international artists for a promotional animation for Tin Man, the 2007 sci-fi channel miniseries. It features a seemingly never ending sci-fi world which depicts the scenes from the show. – Proof That Not All ‘Coming Soon’ Pages Are Boring

This week’s Design of the Week is definitely one of the most original ‘coming soon’ pages I have come across. Although I usually feature full websites, the design chosen today is a perfect example of why ‘coming soon’ pages don’t always have to be boring! – Taking The Grid Layout To The Next Level

This week’s Design of the Week is a fantastic digital agency website which uses a unique and ambitious concept to take grid layouts to the next next level. – Text Based Design That Looks Great

This week’s Design of the Week is, a digital agency website combining a text based layout and subtle graphics to create a plain, but awesome looking design. – Impressive Visual Effects & Animations

This week’s Design of the Week is a French Web Design Agency website called ultranoir. It uses impressive visual effects and animations to showcase the work of what is very clearly, an excellent design team based in Paris and Marseilles. – An HTML5 Project Created For Designers

This week’s Design of the Week is a great project by Soleil Noir made in HTML5 and CSS3. It is a one pager that showcases daily design trends in the form of circles. – Great Use Of The jQuery Framework

It’s Thursday – Time for Design of the Week. Today’s selected website makes excellent use of the jQuery framework. Though it might not be the prettiest site out there, it’s definitely a good showcase for jQuery effects and shows you just how powerful the excellent framework is. – The Website With The Endless Scrollbar

This week’s Design of the Week has something very unique and innovative about it – Once you start scrolling down, the website no longer has a top and a bottom – It just keeps scrolling through itself infinitely.

Flavors.Me – Clean, Colorful Design That Works

Today’s Design of the Week is a website I featured last year but has since had a great re-design. is a homepage creator that uses a clean but colorful design made to increase conversions.

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