Inspiration posts usually consisting of a set of great examples of a specific website feature, style or type.

15 Amazing Must See Examples Of HTML5 Technology

This week’s Inspiration of the Week post is quite a bit different to the previous ones. This time, rather than design, this post will be showcasing 15 amazing examples of HTML5 being used to achieve effects usually created by Flash.

25 Inspiring Examples of Good Looking Drop Down Menus

Following last Monday’s Tutorial which explained how to do a simple drop down menu in jQuery, today’s Inspiration of the Week features a list of 25 great examples of original drop down menus.

49 Great Examples of Large Backgrounds in Website Design

Today’s Inspiration of the Week collection features 49 great examples of websites that have large images as their backgrounds. Although they can be very powerful, sites that use this technique are often not very user-friendly. The challenge is finding a balance between strong effective imagery and an understandable layout.

20 Beautiful Social Media Icon Sets From

Today’s Inspiration of the Week features 20 beautiful social media icon sets created by designers.

35 Great Inspirational Examples of Portfolio Introductions

Today’s collection features examples of website introductions used in many web and graphic design portfolios. It is becoming very common to take a very informal approach when introducing a portfolio by starting with a “Hello There” or “Hi, I am a…”. If you’re thinking of using the same technique yourself, the list below can serve as inspiration and give you some ideas to help you design your own.

37 Inspiring Examples of Super Clean Text Based Website Designs

Today’s collection features examples of super clean and minimal designs that are text based, featuring very few or no imagery at all. Creating a good looking site using just typography is no easy task. Many web designers underestimate the skills needed to successfully design a layout which is not only looks clean but doesn’t look boring or unimaginative.

25 Of The Most Innovative Doodles Of The Past 3 Years

This week’s Inspiration of the Week is slightly different. Today we’re featuring 25 of the most innovative Google logos featured on their homepage within the past 3 years.

Homepages Of The 15 Most Desirable Luxury Brands

In this week’s Inspiration of the Week, we’ll be looking at the homepages of the world’s most desirable luxury brands (according to

56 Inspiring Examples Of Call To Action Buttons

Today’s Inspiration of the Week features a huge showcase of Call to Action buttons from various web application websites.

19 Inspiring Homepage Designs of Mobile Phone Manufacturers

This week’s Inspiration of the Week takes a look at the homepages of the major mobile manufacturers to find out just how various companies are using their website to sell their products and increase brand awareness.

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