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The Battle Of The (Social) Sexes – Infographic

Did you know… – Twitter is used by 40 million more women than men each month? – Women on Facebook have 8% more friends than men? – 15% of online adults use Pinterest? – 64% of Google+ users are male? – 1 out of 10 LinkedIn users have a paid account? – Around 25% of [...]

A Timeline of Apple Mac Products from 1998-2010 (Infographic)

A couple of days ago, Apple announced the new MacBook Air, their answer to the netbook. Besides being extremely thin, the most interesting feature of this new update is the use of flash memory as well as a super-slim USB stick that you can use to re-install your system. Apple, often referred to as revolutionary, seem to be getting better at modifying existing technology and turning it into a product that just works.

Different Types of Multivariate Analysis

When wanting to improve a page’s conversions (for instance, sign-ups or sales), we often use multivariate testing to see which combination of changes will effect the page in the best possible way. By testing different elements of your page like titles, buttons, layout changes and color, you can find out which combination will maximize your page’s conversion rate.

2 Reasons why AB Testing might be Flawed

AB testing, also sometimes referred to as Split Testing, is a technique companies use to test different versions of a page or in some cases, an entire site, to discover which works best. The ultimate goal can vary – sign-ups, sales, downloads – these are all examples of metrics that an AB Test will track, helping you find the optimal version. In an AB test, the “A” is always the control, in other words, the original version. The “B” is the new version which you want to compare to the older. This solution is effective but also has some major flaws.

4 Web Based Code Editors That Let You Code Online

For us Web Designers, code editors are tools that aim to make our life easier. Although a great code editor won’t make a great programmer, using the right tools can help you speed up your development and become more efficient.

With web technologies getting better and better, it is now possible to use code editors that are hosted online – that is, you can access them via your browser. These editors often have several features that are just as effective as regular, downloadable software. Most of them also allow you to access you files via FTP, meaning you can update your websites from anywhere!

AB Testing And Statistical Significance

When you or your client wants to test a completely new element, in cases in which the result may effect sales or conversions, an AB test is usually the best approach. Unfortunately, AB testing needs a lot of visitors to work properly and so often, we end up making decisions based on the results in the first few days. This is, of course, a bad approach as even though the new element might initially perform better, you might eventually find that in the long run, the original delivers more conversions.

10 Principles To Follow For Better Web Design

This week’s Lesson of the Week is a list of 10 basic principles you should follow to make your website design’s inclusive. In case you’re wondering, inclusive web design is all about considering the needs of the widest variety of people throughout the entire building process.

What Social Accounts Are Users Signing In With?

Gigya, which allows you to easily connect your site to every major social platform, recently published an info-graphic which shows what ID users are using to log into websites. Nowadays, you no longer need to create an account with every website – Simply sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace ID (and many more) and that’s it.

How to Build Trust in your Landing Pages

In websites, what looks good isn’t necessarily what works best. Any page which aims to complete an action (such as a lead, sale or download) needs to have the right elements in place to persuade the user to proceed. One of the most important features, as explained by Tim Ash (author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions), is trust. Why should a user invest time or money in our service? How can we make a user trust our brand?

Top 8 Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Web Designers

This week we’ll be having a look at the top 8 must-have gadgets for web designers and developers.

As IT geeks, us designers all love high tech gadgetry. Throughout the past few months, I have often come across gadgets that I definitely want but never got the chance (or the money) to actually buy. Below if a list of the top 8 I found. If you know of anymore, then go ahead and add it to the comments beneath the post.

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