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4 Functions To Help You Master PHP Arrays & Data Manipulation

In almost any programming language, it’s almost impossible to find a useful script which does not make use of arrays to store data. Arrays are particularly important because they allow coders to group variables and store them under one central structure. In PHP, Arrays are simply ordered maps. In other words, each value is associated with a key that you can choose to specify when creating your Array.

How To Create The Google Circles Effect With CSS & jQuery

This week’s Tutorial of the Week teaches you how to create a circle just like the one Google Circles use. As many of you might have already seen, one of the coolest features from Google’s new social project is the way you can easily add users to different circles to keep your social connections more organized.

Create A Simple jQuery Drop Down Menu in 3 Simple Steps

This week’s Tutorial of the Week teaches you how to create a simple drop down menu which appears when you click on it, and disappears a second after your mouse pointer leaves it.

The Easiest Way To Create Image Rounded Edges And Fade Effects

This week’s Tutorial of the Week will teach you how to create image effects such as borders and gradients for your headers without having to manually edit your images each time.

Adding tool-tip popups (Facebook style) with jQuery

Last week I wrote about adding mini-graphs to your pages using jQuery. This week I’m explaining how to add tool-tips (similar to what Facebook uses) to your page with jQuery and once again, you’ll be happy to know that you can achieve the effect with just one line of code.

5 Steps To Creating A Class In Any OOP Language

Creating a completely new class (in any programming language) can be quite a daunting task. There are so many different ways to approach it and you could literally create 100′s of different classes that achieve the exact same thing. I wrote this post NOT to show you how it should be done but rather to explain my method which might help you create your own.

Why I Believe That Programming is an Art

I find programming quite fascinating – the way a few lines of code can complete really complicated tasks is quite remarkable, especially considering the speed at which most programming languages run. However, I also know many people who not only do not care about programming, but absolutely despise it. I find this rather strange. After all, who wouldn’t want to make their life easier by automating everyday tasks?

How To Calculate The Age From A Date In PHP

Nowadays, it is getting more and more common to display the age of news items, blog posts or comments rather than show the full date. Sites like Facebook and Twitter use this technique to make it easier for users to understand just how old an item is.

How To Add A Google Map (With Marker) To Your Website

This week’s Tutorial of the Week teaches you how to put a Google map on a web page with a simple overlay describing any point you choose.

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