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7 Great Web Apps To Save You Time

Today we’ve got a guest post from Raul Dumitrescu: A collection of apps that are all about ease of use. If you’re a web professional the last thing you need are apps that have a long learning curve or get vin the way of what you’re doing. The apps collected here are time savers, to [...]

10 Great Tools For Web Designers You Might Not Know About

Luckily for us web designers, there is certainly no lack of great web tools available out there. Many online services, often free, are launched on a daily basis and with our busy schedules, it’s not always easy to stay up to date. I recently came across a great list of web tools and below, I’ll be sharing 10 of them which you might not be aware of.

Google+: Get Your Invites Here

Although not strictly a web tool, this week’s Web Tool of the Week features Google’s new social project which aims to take on Facebook.

kuler.Adobe.com – Explore, Create and Share Color Themes

This week’s Web Tool of the Week is a truly great free tool by Adobe that allows you to create and browse color themes you can use for your web projects.

WriteCodeOnline.com – Test Your PHP & Javascript Online

Following yesterday’s lesson which featured web based code editors, today’s Web Tool of the Week is a super simple tool which allows you to quickly test PHP and JavaScript code online.

Mokk.me – Create Mobile Web App Mockups In Minutes

This week’s Web Tool of the Week is an awesome simple web app that allows you to quickly create mobile application mock-ups by simply dragging mobile graphical elements.

SiteTrail Analysis Tool – The All-In-One Website Report

This week’s Web Tool of the Week is the SiteTrail analysis tool which attempts to find as much information as it possible can on a website and return reports that are accurate to the number.

ChopApp.com – Paste Code Snippets, Add Notes And Share

Today’s Web Tool of the Week is yet another great tool by ZURB. Chop is a simple way to add notes to a code snippet and share them.

Wordle.net – Generate Beautiful Word Clouds

This week’s Web Tool of the Week is a fun web based “toy” that generates word clouds from a source you choose. You are also able to tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Say hello to Wordle.net.

BounceApp.com – Share Ideas On A Website

BounceApp.com is a great and easy way of sharing feedback you have with others. Developed by ZURB, BounceApp.com is very simple to use and more importantly, completely free.

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