SagresPretaChocolate – A Delicious Website Made Of Chocolate!

This week’s Design of the Week is a site for a chocolate drink that is literally made from chocolate. In case you’re wondering what that means, the site design is a picture of a chocolate block that was made purposely to look like a website.

SagresPretaChocolate was submitted some time ago by a webgeekly visitor and it was an easy choice for Design of the Week. All the elements of the site, including their social sharing buttons, were made from real chocolate.

Unfortunately, the site is not in English so it’s pretty hard to understand what the site is trying to promote – I believe it’s a chocolate flavored beer, but I could definitely be wrong!

They also have a great video titled “Baking of” which explains how the site was made from scratch. The site is an excellent example of using real world objects to create digital designs.

Click here to check it out and leave your comments below!

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