webgeekly.com http://www.webgeekly.com the daily fix for web design geeks. Tue, 11 Feb 2014 15:12:10 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0 The Battle Of The (Social) Sexes – Infographichttp://www.webgeekly.com/lessons/infographics/the-battle-of-the-social-sexes/ http://www.webgeekly.com/lessons/infographics/the-battle-of-the-social-sexes/#comments Thu, 09 May 2013 14:33:23 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5610 Did you know…

- Twitter is used by 40 million more women than men each month?
- Women on Facebook have 8% more friends than men?
- 15% of online adults use Pinterest?
- 64% of Google+ users are male?
- 1 out of 10 LinkedIn users have a paid account?
- Around 25% of men watch a YouTube video daily?

Check these out facts and many more in today’s infographic by InternetServiceProviders.org:

Social Gender Infographic

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CollegeRecipes.com – Recipes for the College Demographichttp://www.webgeekly.com/startups/collegerecipes-com-recipes-for-the-college-demographic/ http://www.webgeekly.com/startups/collegerecipes-com-recipes-for-the-college-demographic/#comments Mon, 08 Oct 2012 07:17:34 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5597 Today webgeekly features an interview with Justin Farber, Co-Founder of CollegeRecipes.com, a website which launched very recently to provide recipes and other helpful cooking resources to the college demographic.

webgeekly interviewed Justin Farber to find out more about CollegeRecipes.
Describe CollegeRecipes.com in under 50 words.

CollegeRecipes.com serves as a transitional tool for young adults learning to cook for themselves. It provides recipes and cooking related information to the college demographic. Built by and for college students, it’s educational while entertaining. Featuring mouthwatering photographs and a great user interface, this food-porn platform is aesthetic and worthwhile.

How and when did the idea for CollegeRecipes.com come about?

We conceived the idea for the site in the summer of 2011. Laura and I were hungry for our evening meal but we didn’t have much food in stock and didn’t feel like going to the grocery store. Laura had her leftovers from the night before, and I found an already-opened brick of Top Ramen noodles. Laura explained that she had used the seasoning packet the other day for noodle-less soup. I began boiling the noodles anyway and sprinkled in some Red Robin seasoning instead. Laura asked me where I learned to do that, I replied jokingly, “CollegeRecipes.com”. She responded, “Does that exist?” We then searched for it online, found that the domain was for sale and bought it. I talked to Ron the next day, he liked the idea and we began work on the site.

A question for the designer (Ronald Farber): What are your design inspirations?

I love clean design, but I also fancy in-your-face stylistic design from time to time. The whole minimalism/clean design trend is great, but sometimes its taken too far. Users want a design that’s pleasant to look at and I’m of the thinking that it’s possible to meld clean with stylized and have the best of both worlds.

What are the long term plans for CollegeRecipes.com? Any plans for Monetization?

Our long term plans are somewhat undefined but our goal for now is to build our audience by adding fresh content every week. Ron and I have talked about eventually developing additional websites as part of a larger network, but want CollegeRecipes to be well-established before doing so. As for Monetization, we’ve applied for AdSense and will hopefully have ads up within a week. We intend on testing other Monetization options including other advertising networks, working directly with individual advertisers and affiliate networks. We need to find what works best for our site and our demographic. We will never prioritize monetization over the user experience and will avoid pop-ups and otherwise invasive forms of ads. Another long-term goal is to develop our own product line to build our brand. Finally, once we have a well established user-base and a large amount of quality content on the site, we will try to package our content neatly and publish a book or ebook.

And here’s what it looks like:

Getting a great idea for a site is easy – actually turning that idea into a real site is the tricky bit. It is especially hard to build websites that need to deliver great content week after week. CollegeRecipes already seems to have an impressive amount of content for a site that only recently launched so it’s both inspiring and motivating to see a project like this come to life.

What do you guys think of CollegeRecipes?

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7 Great Web Apps To Save You Timehttp://www.webgeekly.com/web-tools/7-great-web-apps-to-save-you-time/ http://www.webgeekly.com/web-tools/7-great-web-apps-to-save-you-time/#comments Tue, 10 Jul 2012 06:56:43 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5589 Today we’ve got a guest post from Raul Dumitrescu:

A collection of apps that are all about ease of use.

If you’re a web professional the last thing you need are apps that have a long learning curve or get vin the way of what you’re doing. The apps collected here are time savers, to be sure, and they all are easy to use with intuitive controls so that you can download them and start using them asap. In today’s busy world that’s a big plus. Click on a few and see what I mean.

Mighty Deals – Tools for the web professional at great prices.

Mighty Deals is at the top of the ‘deal’ site heap, in my opinion, because it gives you great prices on tools you actually need if you’re a busy web professional. From backgrounds to fonts and vector graphics, they have excellent deals on stuff you will actually use, a refreshing change from most sites that have deals on, well, crap. It’s free to join also, unlike a lot of sites.
Best Feature – They change up their deals every day, so check back often.

Budgetable – Find out where your money is.

Most of us, unfortunately, don’t exactly know where our money goes, how much cash we have or what the total amount of bills we have due equals. Budgetable will change all that. It puts all of those numbers at your fingertips, and will even tell you where you might be wasting money. Cash on hand, bills due, everything you need to know about your money is available and easily taken in. They even give you deals on your favorite stores. Frankly it’s a little unnerving to see exactly where all of your money is, so be warned.
Best Feature - Track your available cash on hand across all your bank accounts.

tn3Gallery – The photo editing gallery for WordPress.

I love to take pictures but I hate to arrange, crop and manipulate them. It’s just too darn time consuming. With tn3Gallery, a WordPress blog plug-in, you will get a suite of built-in tools that allows you to manipulate pics, make slide-shows and transitions, and do stuff that before only pros could do. And it’s easy, really. If you need a tool that will make your WordPress blogs shine, this is the one.
Best Feature – All the tools are built into the plug-in, so there’s no need for external tools.

1daylater – Keep track of important numbers.

If you’re a busy professional that travels a lot you need this app. 1daylater will help you easily keep track of miles, expenses and hours spent on your projects so that, when the time comes, you have all that data at your fingertips ready to go, instead of the usual hunting and grunting that you usually do. It’s not meant to track everything so be aware of that, but for what it can do I believe it’s very useful.
Best Feature – It has a ‘shorthand’ system that’s easy to learn and use.

AddThis – Find out where your audience is, now.

If you’re an online seller of anything, from products to services, then you know that the more people that see your ads, websites and blogs the more clicks you will get and the more money you will make. With AddThis you will also know where your audience is, who they are, and when they are looking at your sites. It’s powerful stuff, and can help you with your ad campaigns immensely.
Best Feature – Help people to share over social networks to increase traffic to your sites.

Boomerang – The easy way to schedule emails and reminders.

If you’re like me you need reminders for everything, from when to send those email to what day your anniversary falls on, and most everything in between. Boomerang is a cool app that helps you to do ust that, including over multiple time zones and devices. Nice. It even helps you to automatically get rid of reminders that no longer have any value, keeping your email free of clutter.
Best Feature – Schedule your notes and reminders to arrive at the perfect time.

Spotify – Music on demand for free.

Spotify is one of the new slew of music apps that has come along recently and, while I like the fact that it gives you a lot of choices and ways to listen, it does tend to be a little bit pushy on the computer. If you’re not well versed in controlling what goes on behind the scenes on your laptop you might find that Spotify has taken over. I like music, I just don’t like pushy apps.
Best Feature – The music is live so there’s no loss of space on your hard drive.

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10 Great Tools For Web Designers You Might Not Know Abouthttp://www.webgeekly.com/web-tools/10-great-tools-for-web-designers-you-might-not-know-about/ http://www.webgeekly.com/web-tools/10-great-tools-for-web-designers-you-might-not-know-about/#comments Tue, 20 Sep 2011 14:08:50 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5564 great list of web tools and below, I'll be sharing 10 of them which you might not be aware of.]]> Luckily for us web designers, there is certainly no lack of great web tools available out there. Many online services, often free, are launched on a daily basis and with our busy schedules, it’s not always easy to stay up to date. I recently came across a great list of web tools and below, I’ll be sharing 10 of them which you might not be aware of.

1 – LoadStorm

Building a scalable website or web application is not easy – while it may work fine when we are testing it alone, what would happen if there are 10,000 users on the site at the same time? LoadStorm.com is an online service which aims to answer this by simulating up to 100,000 concurrent user requests. It also provides real time graphs with performance metrics which can help you determine whether your application is scalable enough or not.

2 – Pixlr

Imagine opening Photoshop in your browser. That’s exactly what Pixlr.com is. From a technical point of view, it’s remarkable to see just how much Pixlr can simulate what Photoshop does using web technologies. Even if you’re not interested in design, you should definitely check this out to see just how easy online photo editing has become.

3 – PeoplePods

PeoplePods.net claims to be a “framework that makes it easier to create community or ‘social’ applications”. Their application comes with popular social functionality including friend lists, voting, personalized content views and booking and it can be used to either build stand-alone websites or can be integrated into an already existing platform. If you were thinking of developing a social website, you should definitely check them out.

4 – Visual Website Optimizer

If you’ve ever had a website that encouraged users to complete a goal (such as purchase, fill in a form or go to a specific page), then you might already know just how useful AB split testing can be. Visualwebsiteoptimizer.com is a service used by some of the biggest Internet companies out there (Microsoft, foursquare, Groupon) to find out how they can improve goal conversions. Recommended? Definitely!

5 – Link Tiger

Don’t you all hate broken links? The bigger your site gets, the harder it becomes to test for broken links. LinkTiger.com is an online service which searches your website for broken links 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When errors occur, the link checker will inform you via email and you’ll be able to log into their dashboard to see where the problems lie.

6 – PSD To Any

Some web designers I know absolutely despise coding – they’re happy designing the actual design of the site but cringe at the thought of having to put that design into lines of code. PSDToAny.com can convert PSD into xHTML, WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce and more. If you choose WordPress, they will even provide the WordPress installation and configuration. This can be just what you’re looking for if you have a PSD design ready but no desire to actually code the site yourself.

7 – Htaccess Guide

Rather than a web tool, this is a free online guide that teaches you all you need to know about htaccess files. Htaccess-guide.com is split into many sections, each explaining how to achieve a different objective using htaccess files. Even if you don’t consider yourself a server admin, knowing what you can or cannot do with these files is an extremely important skill to have as a web designer.

8 – Feindura

Feindura.org is a CMS that runs on flat files. What that means is that unlike most CMS’s which need a database to run, this CMS simply uses normal text file to store data. Although this can be considerably slower for larger website, it can be just what you need if you have a very simple site which just needs a few editable text areas. To use Feindura, you will need some basic knowledge in PHP – they have quite a few examples on their site which can help you get started.

9 – YouGetSignal

Rather than one web tool, Yougetsignal.com is a collection of domain, IP and port tools including a network location check tool, a port forwarding tester, a visual trace route test, a reverse IP domain check and more. It’s a pretty useful bookmark to have, especially if you often take care of your server’s administration.

10 – Uptrends

Uptrends.com is an online service specializing in web performance monitoring which can check your website up-time from over 60 locations in the world. They do offer a free version which allows you to track up to one website every 30 minutes but the paid packages are not too expensive. If you own a website which sells online or has a lot of traffic, you will know how important it is to ensure your website performs well at all times.

For more web tools, check out www.webhostingsearch.com. They have quite a long list of web design tools divided into different sections related to web design.

Are there any web tools you find useful? Comment below.

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4 Functions To Help You Master PHP Arrays & Data Manipulationhttp://www.webgeekly.com/tutorials/php/4-functions-to-help-you-master-php-arrays-data-manipulation/ http://www.webgeekly.com/tutorials/php/4-functions-to-help-you-master-php-arrays-data-manipulation/#comments Fri, 05 Aug 2011 13:59:11 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5550 In almost any programming language, it’s almost impossible to find a useful script which does not make use of arrays to store data. Arrays are particularly important because they allow coders to group variables and store them under one central structure. In PHP, Arrays are simply ordered maps. In other words, each value is associated with a key that you can choose to specify when creating your Array.

Below, you will find 5 examples of problems we often come across when dealing with arrays.

I want to order a multi-dimensional array by a value…

Say you have the following:

$aMembers = array( array("name" => "Marc",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-04"),
                   array("name" => "Chris",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-03"));

I would like to order this array by the date joined. How exactly can I achieve this? Although there are definitely multiple ways to do this, the simplest way I’ve found to do this is by using the array_multisort function. To do this, we need to create a separate array which stores the field we want to use to order.

Here’s how:

$aDatesJoined = array();
foreach($aMembers as $Member) {
    $aDatesJoined[] = $Member['date_joined'];

So we now have another array made up of all the dates joined in the same order they are in the $aMembers array.

Finally, we can order the $aMembers array using the array_multisort function by passing the $aDatesJoined array as a parameter:

array_multisort($aDatesJoined, $aMembers);

The result? The members have now been sorted according to their date.

Learn more here.

I want to create a separate array that only includes members who joined on 2011-02-04

Again, let’s take the array above:

$aMembers = array( array("name" => "Marc",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-04"),
                   array("name" => "Chris",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-03"));

I want to extract an array out of that which includes members who joined on 2011-02-04. To do that, we will create a function that would accept one element of this array and return whether the member was added on that date or not:

function checkDate($Member)
    if ($Member['date_joined'] == "2011-02-04") return true;
    else return false;

With that in place, all we need to do now is the following:

$aNewArray = array_filter($aMembers, "checkDate"));

That function will run a filter through the Members array and return only the ones that return true. Easy, right?

Learn more here.

I want to change each member’s name to be uppercase…

Again, we’re going to start with the same array:

$aMembers = array( array("name" => "Marc",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-04"),
                   array("name" => "Chris",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-03"));

I would like to change all the names to be uppercase. Besides looping each item in the array and re-assigning the name, we can do it in a simpler way:

function uppercaseName(&$Member)
    $Member['name'] = strtoupper($Member['name']);

Note the we added to the parameter which basically passes the variable by reference. This allows the function to change the actual value, rather than create a copy of it. With that done, we simply need to run the following function:

array_walk($aMembers, 'uppercaseName');

And that’s that…

Learn more here.

I want to know on how many different dates members joined…

Again, we’re going to start with the same array:

$aMembers = array( array("name" => "Marc",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-04"),
                   array("name" => "Chris",
                         "date_joined" => "2011-02-03"));

I want to know how many different dates the array has. In this case, I know it will be just two but in the future, when my members array is much bigger, this might be a useful function to use.

The easiest way to do this is by creating an array with the dates joined, just like we did in the first example:

$aDatesJoined = array();
foreach($aMembers as $Member) {
    $aDatesJoined[] = $Member['date_joined'];

Now that we’ve built that array, we simply need to run the following line:

echo count(array_unique($aDatesJoined));

What the code above does is remove all duplicates and count the resulting array.

Learn more here.

A Summary

There are multiple ways to do the things we did above, including looping through the array and manipulating the data manually. However, it’s always a good idea to make use of PHP’s in-built array functions which allow you to re-use your code and achieve your objectives in less lines.

Any more tips? Are you aware of a better way to complete the tasks above? Let us know below!

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CompVersions.com – Gather Design Feedback Easilyhttp://www.webgeekly.com/startups/compversions-com/ http://www.webgeekly.com/startups/compversions-com/#comments Tue, 19 Jul 2011 12:51:36 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5541 webgeekly features an interview with Marc Gayle, Founder of CompVersions, an online tool that allows your clients to easily view multiple versions/revisions of your designs.]]> Today webgeekly features an interview with Marc Gayle, Founder of CompVersions, an online tool that allows your clients to easily view multiple versions/revisions of your designs.

CompVersions aims to help designers by providing an easy way to send multiple designs to clients and gather design feedback easily. Here’s a video:

Here’s the story:

webgeekly interviewed Marc Gayle to find out more about CompVersions.
What’s your name and role for CompVersions?

Marc Gayle – Founder

Describe CompVersions in under 50 words.

CompVersions allows anyone that has to get feedback on images they created (from architects to illustrators), to do so in an easy/simple way. Not via email back and forth. That way sucks!

How and when did the idea for CompVersions come about?

In my previous job, one of the things I had to do was receive images from our designers all over the world (S. Korea, Texas, Russia, etc.) and get our executive team to give me their thoughts and relay that to the designers. When I had to do that the first time it was very clear that this process was broken. I tried email, internal FTP service, dropbox, Basecamp and everything in-between. For all of them, when you are dealing with multiple versions of the same image, you have to zip a file (then you have the issue of explaining to the receiver what a zip file is and how they can get access to the images). Nightmare!

In the past few months, there have been a number of Startups which aim to facilitate the approval process between designers and their clients. How would you say CompVersions is better than its competition?

CompVersions focuses on quickly getting feedback on multiple images. So, we display multiple images side by side and the client can give a quick thumbs up/down on the image – see an example here. As opposed to other companies, what they focus on is marking up – or giving feedback on – one image. While that’s important and we allow you to do that, we have approached the problem in a different way. We allow you to select the thumbnails of the images you want to comment on (so you can select none, one, or all of them and leave a comment on those), rather than having to go into each image and leave comments on each. We focus on getting the client in and out as quickly as possible – and being able to quickly approve/disprove of multiple iterations of the same image.

What are the long term plans for CompVersions?

Long term plans I would say is to make CompVersions into the best way to collect feedback on multiple images. i.e. when your grandmother thinks of this problem, she thinks of CompVersions. For us to get there we have to be focused on listening to users and taking it from there. Whichever direction they point me in, that’s where we’ll go – provided it makes sense for the product of course :)

And finally, convince us designers to use CompVersions in under 50 words.

The honest truth. This tool is not for everybody. If you have never had to send multiple versions of an image to a client via email, and decipher their notes sent back via email – this tool is probably not for you. If you have, then I hope this tool solves that problem in the easiest way.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to me personally no {my first name @ compversions dot com}.

A big thanks to Marc Gayle from CompVersions who took the time to complete this interview. Although I do think the service is slightly over-priced, they do offer a 14-day free trial which allows you to try out the service before paying. Check them out here.

What do you guys think of CompVersions?

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A Timeline of Apple Mac Products from 1998-2010 (Infographic)http://www.webgeekly.com/lessons/apple/apple-changes-everything-again/ http://www.webgeekly.com/lessons/apple/apple-changes-everything-again/#comments Fri, 15 Jul 2011 15:09:01 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=2220 MacBook Air, their answer to the netbook. Besides being extremely thin, the most interesting feature of this new update is the use of flash memory as well as a super-slim USB stick that you can use to re-install your system. Apple, often referred to as revolutionary, seem to be getting better at modifying existing technology and turning it into a product that just works.]]> A couple of days ago, Apple announced the new MacBook Air, their answer to the netbook. Besides being extremely thin, the most interesting feature of this new update is the use of flash memory as well as a super-slim USB stick that you can use to re-install your system. Apple, often referred to as revolutionary, seem to be getting better at modifying existing technology and turning it into a product that just works.

From a design point of view, the MacBook Air looks both solid and sleek. Their principal designer, Jonathan Ive, has been one of the world’s most influential industrial designers and has never failed to design a product that impressed. Let’s forget their iPhone, iPod and iPad for a second. What designs have Apple released in terms of personal computing in the past few years?

Have a look at the infographic below (click it to see the bigger version):

To make it easier to read, this infographic only shows Apple’s design updates. Model updates which have no change in design are not included.

There’s no denying that in the past few years, Apple have placed themselves at the forefront of mobile and computing technology. Each time Apple launches a new product, there are countless companies attempting to quickly replicate its functionality and success.

The new MacBook Air has been released with Flash memory – a first timer for a home consumer laptop if I’m not mistaken. I am more than certain that besides being immensely successful, we will soon see several new companies trying to do the same with their own products. This is, in a way, what makes Apple ‘evolutionary’. They have the courage to take existing technology, improve it and turn it mainstream. And while other companies are struggling to copy them, they’re already busy creating the next feature that will have millions of people waiting impatiently for the next update.

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SagresPretaChocolate – A Delicious Website Made Of Chocolate!http://www.webgeekly.com/design/sagrespretachocolate-a-delicious-website-made-of-chocolate/ http://www.webgeekly.com/design/sagrespretachocolate-a-delicious-website-made-of-chocolate/#comments Thu, 14 Jul 2011 23:34:48 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5531 Design of the Week is a site for a chocolate drink that is literally made from chocolate. In case you're wondering what that means, the site design is a picture of a chocolate block that was made purposely to look like a website. ]]> This week’s Design of the Week is a site for a chocolate drink that is literally made from chocolate. In case you’re wondering what that means, the site design is a picture of a chocolate block that was made purposely to look like a website.

SagresPretaChocolate was submitted some time ago by a webgeekly visitor and it was an easy choice for Design of the Week. All the elements of the site, including their social sharing buttons, were made from real chocolate.

Unfortunately, the site is not in English so it’s pretty hard to understand what the site is trying to promote – I believe it’s a chocolate flavored beer, but I could definitely be wrong!

They also have a great video titled “Baking of” which explains how the site was made from scratch. The site is an excellent example of using real world objects to create digital designs.

Click here to check it out and leave your comments below!

http://www.webgeekly.com/design/sagrespretachocolate-a-delicious-website-made-of-chocolate/feed/ 1
15 Amazing Must See Examples Of HTML5 Technologyhttp://www.webgeekly.com/inspiration/15-must-see-examples-of-html5-technology/ http://www.webgeekly.com/inspiration/15-must-see-examples-of-html5-technology/#comments Wed, 13 Jul 2011 18:59:05 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=3237 Inspiration of the Week post is quite a bit different to the previous ones. This time, rather than design, this post will be showcasing 15 amazing examples of HTML5 being used to achieve effects usually created by Flash.]]> This week’s Inspiration of the Week post is quite a bit different to the previous ones. This time, rather than design, this post will be showcasing 15 amazing examples of HTML5 being used to achieve effects usually created by Flash.

Although the technology is relatively new, there have been plenty of talented developers who experimented with it and created astonishing work. Although the examples below are usually not particularly useful (and not features you would normally need in an ordinary website), they do show just how powerful the language is and give us a small preview of what web design might evolve into a few years down the line.

You can click on any image to open the site in a new window.

Thanks for reading. Know of any more? Add them to the comments below :)

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Conceptboard.com – Real-time Project Collaboration Softwarehttp://www.webgeekly.com/startups/conceptboard-com/ http://www.webgeekly.com/startups/conceptboard-com/#comments Tue, 12 Jul 2011 15:31:55 +0000 Marc von Brockdorff http://www.webgeekly.com/?p=5518 Startup of the Week features an interview with Daniel Bohn, CEO and CMO of Conceptboard, a real-time project collaboration software.]]> This week’s Startup of the Week features an interview with Daniel Bohn, CEO and CMO of Conceptboard, a real-time project collaboration software.

Conceptboard is an online tool which allows designers and developers to collaborate creatively and efficiently. Conceptboard is literally an online board which users can draw on and upload images to in real time. This means that it is ideal for small teams who want to share and discuss documents and receive instant feedback.

Here’s a very quick mockup I created in under half a minute:

Here’s the interview:

webgeekly interviewed Daniel Bohn to find out more about Conceptboard.
What’s your name and role for Conceptboard?

Daniel, Founder and now doing the CEO and CMO job – but we’re currently looking for a Head-of-Marketing-and-Sales!

Describe Conceptboard in under 50 words.

Conceptboard is a realtime project and collaboration software: It’s an online tool for creative people, who like to work collaboratively and need a place for brainstorming, feedback, document review and spontaneous live meetings. Web design companies and web developers use it to smoothly work together in their team or with clients.

How and when did the idea for Conceptboard come about?

We are two founders: Christian, who now is the CTO, and me. We’ve worked some years together as IT consultants, when in 2007 we had an enlightening experience about the work we were doing every day at that time: We developed software in a larger team and often had to check user interfaces with multiple team members. We printed the designs and scribbled our comments on them, or we used Word to put annotations on some screenshots. That process was slow and very exhausting.

Who do you think Conceptboard would be most useful for?

There are basically two groups: Everybody who thinks he or she could get much more work done if only the review and feedback process was more efficient. And everybody who likes to work creatively and conceptually in a team. E.g. if you are looking for a great way to get your thoughts and ideas communicated and documented within your team, you should give it a try.

In terms of technology, how has Conceptboard evolved since launching?

Our programmers are working all the time to enhance our features and create new ones. The tricky part is not to lose the simplicity which makes Conceptboard great. Since the launch we added the support for a large number of office document formats and iPad support, which was not included at the beginning. Besides that we had to switch to more powerful hardware ;)

What are the long term plans for Conceptboard?

There are a lot of promising ideas. Right now we are working on great new features for the application itself. In the near future we are going to extend the project and task management and we will provide a better integration into desktops and browsers. But we’re are also looking into expanding Conceptboard beyond the virtual realm: There is plenty of room for new technologies in the meeting and teamwork area.

And finally, convince us web designers to use Conceptboard in under 50 words.

That’s simple: Aren’t you bugged by sending your drafts via email back and forth with your clients or coworkers? Aren’t you annoyed at receiving vague comments in return? Get Conceptboard and share your work with just one click. Invite coworkers or clients to a quick realtime meeting and get your feedback to the point.

A big thanks to Daniel Bohn from Conceptboard who took the time to complete this interview. Conceptboard is free to use for up to 25 boards but can easily be upgraded to their paid packages if you need more.

What do you guys think of Conceptboard?

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