10 Tips For Web Designers To Gain Followers on Twitter

Twitter is becoming a brilliant platform for web designers. By following the right people, we can stay up to date with the latest web design trends and be the first to know when an awesome new post has been published.

Likewise, if you have several targeted followers, it’s much easier to get your message across to the right people. You can use Twitter as a promotional tool or even as a way to find other web designers who can help you out.

If you’re a Web Designer who wishes to build a solid list of followers, here are a few basic tips that can help you out:

Have a proper description

Although this is beyond basic, you’d be surprised just how many web designers out there have a description that is either too short or non-descriptive. Make sure you have a description that explains exactly who you are and what aspects of web design you enjoy. After all, when users see you in a followers list, they’ll have to judge you by your screen name and description if they don’t check out your tweets. First impresssions count!

Write tweets that are relevant

Nobody wants to know what you’ve eaten today or that you’re taking your dog out for a walk. If you want to become an influencial tweeter, always post things that other web designers will find useful. It is OK to occasionally post personal things but keep the majority of your tweet timeline related to web design. Right before somebody follows you, they usually have a quick glance at your tweets. Make sure they see something they’ll love.

Give your opinion

Have you read something on Mashable or TechCrunch that triggered your interest? Tweet about it. Make your opinion known. Your followers might not agree with your opinion but will respect you for actually having one. If you’re not getting any feedback, don’t worry – Just keep posting and eventually you will trigger a retweet! This is also valid for commenting on blogs. Comment on blogs frequently with intelligent replies and always leave your twitter screenname.

Post only the best links

Don’t become a spammer. Don’t post link after link. You should share any great links you find with other web designers but don’t do that exclusively. I would much rather follow somebody who posts one GREAT link a day, rather than somebody who posts 50 good links. Where to find great links? Mashable, TechCrunch, WebDesignerDepot

Re-Tweet your most important tweets

Unfortunately, tweets get lost every easily in the ‘twitterverse’. As much as we hate doing it, something we just need to re-tweet something to make sure as many of our followers possible will see it. Just imagine… when you tweet something, if all of your followers log in just 5 minutes later, almost everyone would have missed it. Don’t, however, post the same exact tweet. Change the text, make the effort to make each tweet unique. Use FutureTweets.

Watch other tweets

As part of your strategy for improving your standard of tweets, you should see what other web designers are posting. See what’s being discussed. And most importantly, see what tweets in your timeline are being retweeted (they usually have “RT” in front) so you know what type of tweets work best. As part of your research, check out copyriting articles like CopyBlogger and ModernNl.

Get involved

Tweeting is pretty much a full time job. You have to see what others web designers are tweeting and reply if it interests you. Get involved, join conversations. Slowly, other web designers will start remembering your screen name and be more inclined to click your links if they have already engaged in a conversation with you.

Re-tweet those who promote you on your website

If any of your followers feature you on their site and tweet about it, re-tweet that content immediately. You need to let them know you’re grateful and willing to promote their site to your followers. That, in turn, will make them much more likely to feature again. Paper.li is very often used to promote web design articles – If one of them is yours, re-tweet!

Mention people or websites you’ve featured

If you posted a tweet or a blog post that talks about somebody else, mention them (@screen_name). This can be incredibly powerful especially if you decide to create a post on your blog that talks about multiple websites. Create a tweet similar to: “You have been featured on my site @screenname1 @screenname2″. That way, you will get them to see your post and possibly others if they decide to retweet it.

Actively follow other Web Designers

Last, but definitely not least, to do all the above you need to actively seek other web designers on Twitter and follow them. The more you find, the better and the higher the chances that some of them will follow back. To do this, use Twitter People Search which helps you find popular web designers to follow, or even better, use TweetStork which lets you find other regular web designers who are activity following and sharing tweets of other web designers.

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