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Today webgeekly features an interview with Marc Gayle, Founder of CompVersions, an online tool that allows your clients to easily view multiple versions/revisions of your designs.

CompVersions aims to help designers by providing an easy way to send multiple designs to clients and gather design feedback easily. Here’s a video:

Here’s the story:

webgeekly interviewed Marc Gayle to find out more about CompVersions.
What’s your name and role for CompVersions?

Marc Gayle – Founder

Describe CompVersions in under 50 words.

CompVersions allows anyone that has to get feedback on images they created (from architects to illustrators), to do so in an easy/simple way. Not via email back and forth. That way sucks!

How and when did the idea for CompVersions come about?

In my previous job, one of the things I had to do was receive images from our designers all over the world (S. Korea, Texas, Russia, etc.) and get our executive team to give me their thoughts and relay that to the designers. When I had to do that the first time it was very clear that this process was broken. I tried email, internal FTP service, dropbox, Basecamp and everything in-between. For all of them, when you are dealing with multiple versions of the same image, you have to zip a file (then you have the issue of explaining to the receiver what a zip file is and how they can get access to the images). Nightmare!

In the past few months, there have been a number of Startups which aim to facilitate the approval process between designers and their clients. How would you say CompVersions is better than its competition?

CompVersions focuses on quickly getting feedback on multiple images. So, we display multiple images side by side and the client can give a quick thumbs up/down on the image – see an example here. As opposed to other companies, what they focus on is marking up – or giving feedback on – one image. While that’s important and we allow you to do that, we have approached the problem in a different way. We allow you to select the thumbnails of the images you want to comment on (so you can select none, one, or all of them and leave a comment on those), rather than having to go into each image and leave comments on each. We focus on getting the client in and out as quickly as possible – and being able to quickly approve/disprove of multiple iterations of the same image.

What are the long term plans for CompVersions?

Long term plans I would say is to make CompVersions into the best way to collect feedback on multiple images. i.e. when your grandmother thinks of this problem, she thinks of CompVersions. For us to get there we have to be focused on listening to users and taking it from there. Whichever direction they point me in, that’s where we’ll go – provided it makes sense for the product of course :)

And finally, convince us designers to use CompVersions in under 50 words.

The honest truth. This tool is not for everybody. If you have never had to send multiple versions of an image to a client via email, and decipher their notes sent back via email – this tool is probably not for you. If you have, then I hope this tool solves that problem in the easiest way.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to me personally no {my first name @ compversions dot com}.

A big thanks to Marc Gayle from CompVersions who took the time to complete this interview. Although I do think the service is slightly over-priced, they do offer a 14-day free trial which allows you to try out the service before paying. Check them out here.

What do you guys think of CompVersions?

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