7 Great Web Apps To Save You Time

Today we’ve got a guest post from Raul Dumitrescu:

A collection of apps that are all about ease of use.

If you’re a web professional the last thing you need are apps that have a long learning curve or get vin the way of what you’re doing. The apps collected here are time savers, to be sure, and they all are easy to use with intuitive controls so that you can download them and start using them asap. In today’s busy world that’s a big plus. Click on a few and see what I mean.

Mighty Deals – Tools for the web professional at great prices.

Mighty Deals is at the top of the ‘deal’ site heap, in my opinion, because it gives you great prices on tools you actually need if you’re a busy web professional. From backgrounds to fonts and vector graphics, they have excellent deals on stuff you will actually use, a refreshing change from most sites that have deals on, well, crap. It’s free to join also, unlike a lot of sites.
Best Feature – They change up their deals every day, so check back often.

Budgetable – Find out where your money is.

Most of us, unfortunately, don’t exactly know where our money goes, how much cash we have or what the total amount of bills we have due equals. Budgetable will change all that. It puts all of those numbers at your fingertips, and will even tell you where you might be wasting money. Cash on hand, bills due, everything you need to know about your money is available and easily taken in. They even give you deals on your favorite stores. Frankly it’s a little unnerving to see exactly where all of your money is, so be warned.
Best Feature - Track your available cash on hand across all your bank accounts.

tn3Gallery – The photo editing gallery for WordPress.

I love to take pictures but I hate to arrange, crop and manipulate them. It’s just too darn time consuming. With tn3Gallery, a WordPress blog plug-in, you will get a suite of built-in tools that allows you to manipulate pics, make slide-shows and transitions, and do stuff that before only pros could do. And it’s easy, really. If you need a tool that will make your WordPress blogs shine, this is the one.
Best Feature – All the tools are built into the plug-in, so there’s no need for external tools.

1daylater – Keep track of important numbers.

If you’re a busy professional that travels a lot you need this app. 1daylater will help you easily keep track of miles, expenses and hours spent on your projects so that, when the time comes, you have all that data at your fingertips ready to go, instead of the usual hunting and grunting that you usually do. It’s not meant to track everything so be aware of that, but for what it can do I believe it’s very useful.
Best Feature – It has a ‘shorthand’ system that’s easy to learn and use.

AddThis – Find out where your audience is, now.

If you’re an online seller of anything, from products to services, then you know that the more people that see your ads, websites and blogs the more clicks you will get and the more money you will make. With AddThis you will also know where your audience is, who they are, and when they are looking at your sites. It’s powerful stuff, and can help you with your ad campaigns immensely.
Best Feature – Help people to share over social networks to increase traffic to your sites.

Boomerang – The easy way to schedule emails and reminders.

If you’re like me you need reminders for everything, from when to send those email to what day your anniversary falls on, and most everything in between. Boomerang is a cool app that helps you to do ust that, including over multiple time zones and devices. Nice. It even helps you to automatically get rid of reminders that no longer have any value, keeping your email free of clutter.
Best Feature – Schedule your notes and reminders to arrive at the perfect time.

Spotify – Music on demand for free.

Spotify is one of the new slew of music apps that has come along recently and, while I like the fact that it gives you a lot of choices and ways to listen, it does tend to be a little bit pushy on the computer. If you’re not well versed in controlling what goes on behind the scenes on your laptop you might find that Spotify has taken over. I like music, I just don’t like pushy apps.
Best Feature – The music is live so there’s no loss of space on your hard drive.

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