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We help Consumer Goods companies make optimal category brand & trade choices.

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We help clients identify Where to Play & How to Win

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We help companies identify ‘Where to Play’ opportunities and build the right business model for future success.

We help companies build an optimal portfolio structure and define ‘How to Win’ with their assets & resources.

We help companies translate strategy into clear action through winning initiatives and best practice planning.

1. Category Potential

We map categories from a consumer and commercial basis to identify untapped value.

2. Future Scenarios

We predict and profile future scenarios that will impact growth and identify needed business model changes.

3. Opportunity Prioritisation

We quantify opportunities and review competitive risk to prioritise ‘Where to Play’.

1. Brand & Asset Classification

We establish the optimal portfolio structure and roles to best leverage company assets and prioritise resource.

2. Management Guidelines

We define clear ‘How to Win’ Guidelines (across Product, Price, Promotions, Placement) to enable line of sight from strategy to action.

3. Portfolio Optimisation

We evaluate opportunities for portfolio simplification which deliver synergy and cost saving.

1. Initiative Development

We develop and model initiative business cases to identify the investment and capabilities needed to win.

2. Planning Support

We create best practice planning frameworks, processes and tools to ensure consistent success.

3. Internal Management

We establish the internal roles and KPIs needed to drive performance and enable dynamic response.

We believe companies GROW from...

where we play our approach

Finding sources of Sustainable value

Companies often try to replicate the category leader, when long term sustainable value can only come from unique assets or operations.

Ensuring internal ‘Line of sight’

Alignment can often get lost in big companies. Getting joined up thinking across marketing & sales and from strategy to operational plans means

Making decisive management choices

The choices companies face are often unclear, or hard to make. Clear quantified options and committed decisions on what to do, or not, prevent this.

The GROW approach

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The end point. Where you want to be, defined so that it is very clear to all involved.


The current Reality. Where you are now. What the key barriers are that need to be overcome.


The choices available. What you can do to achieve your goal, given current reality. Pro’s & Con’s of each.

Way Forward

The selected Option. Agreed steps and resources needed to deliver.

We’ve worked with over half of FMCGs in the FTSE 100. In the past 12 months we’ve helped clients to…

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Win record market share...

By anticipating the impact of regulatory changes and outmanoeuvring competitors.

Improve marketing ROI...

Through clear portfolio prioritisation, investment allocation and goal setting.

Accelerate speed to market…

Through the creation and roll out of global tools which support best practice market planning.

Category Profiling Lead
Mark Adams

Over 20 years experience advising top FMCGs across all areas of business strategy, inc. Cocoa-Cola, Merck, SAB Miller & Imperial.

Portfolio Srategy lead
Matthew Bambrough

Ex P&G Marketing & Finance. Specialist in designing & implementing high value Portfolio Transformation programmes.

Business Planning Lead
Ashley Chetty

Combines practical experience with best practice theory to create compelling brand & commercial growth plans.

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